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Affiliate Link Cloaker

Complete the form to create a cloaked link page.

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Field Descriptions

Page Title - Since the link cloaker creates a virtual page, this is title that appears in your user's browser. You may want to look at the title used on the website you are promoting, or create your own.

Affiliate Link - This is the actual URL (including the http://) of your affiliate link.
For example:

Filename - The link cloaker creates a webpage you will add to your site. Enter the name you want to use for the actual file. To create a file with the name somepage.htm, you would enter "somepage".

Using Your New Link

When you click the Download button, you will be prompted to download your new link page. To use this page for your affiliate links, simply add it to your website and then send your visitors to the new page. Your visitors will be directed transparently to the affiliate destination without revealing the affiliate coding.